What is Augmate?
Augmate was founded in 2013 as a B2B enterprise company specializing in managing and provisioning wearable devices. Augmate was both an original Google Glass@Work Partner and recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017. Consumers will be a major part of Augmate’s future. Our platform will expand to include consumer focused device management to allow everyone to realize the benefits of securing and managing their IoT devices. Although the original business vision was focused on wearable device management, we understood the need for a human-to-machine management platform for all IoT devices that takes both security and speed into consideration. Augmate’s current vision is to create a single management and provisioning system for IoT environments using our Augmate Connect platform coupled with distributed ledger protocols.
Where is Augmate based?
Augmate is based in New York but has a global footprint for product development including Silicon Valley, India, and Ukraine. We are also collaborating with business partners in Mexico to expand our Center of Excellence capabilities and to better service Latin America.
What is the Augmate Connect platform?
Augmate Connect will be the premiere platform for both the provisioning and management of IoT devices using a combination of traditional, blockchain and distributed ledger protocols. In the beginning, Augmate Connect will exist at the application level while we remain blockchain agnostic and implementing protocols to manage both device data communication and speed. In the future, Augmate plans on developing its own in-house protocol to be leveraged by the Augmate Connect platform.
When is Augmate Connect going to launch?
The platform is expected to have its commercial launch mid-summer, 2018. It will be available for corporate clients and will allow us to issue the tokens pertaining to the SAFTs at that time.
Is Augmate open source?
Although Augmate will be leveraging multiple open source protocols, our core platform is not open source at this time. As we develop our own in-house blockchain protocol to be used in conjunction with our Augmate Connect platform, we may consider making it open source due to the typical open-garden nature of distributed ledger protocols.
Why is Augmate going enterprise first?
The Augmate Connect platform for IoT environments will be launched in mid-2018 for enterprise customers and we expect the consumer platform to be ready by the beginning of 2019. Augmate has always been enterprise-facing and will strategically launch the commercial platform first. We will then refine and polish the product during its initial rollout prior to consumer deployment.
When is the Token Sale?

Our Token Sale started on December 15th, 2017 and extends until June 15th, 2018. Accredited investors can participate in our sale by going to ComplyAPI by Coinlist . International Investors are covered under Regulation S rules as per our SAFT and supportive PPM.

Can non-accredited investors participate?

In the U.S., only verified accredited investors can participate. For international investors, we realize that it is often difficult to document accreditation status so they should contact us directly if they are having difficulty with the accreditation verification. Regardless, all investors will need to be verified under KYC/AML.

What is your hard cap and what is the total supply of tokens?
Our total hard cap is $64 million. Each round is hard capped at $10 million, and once that threshold is met, the sale automatically moves to the next discount round. The total supply of MATE tokens is 50,000,000,000 (50 billion). 30% of tokens will be sold in the crowd sale. For a breakdown of both our token metrics and future funding use, check out our token sale page.
What happens to unsold tokens?
Unsold tokens will be added to the MATE Foundation to encourage use of the platform, bring on potential partners, and maintain our rewards pool.
Is there a vesting schedule for the tokens?
Our tokens will vest when the Augmate Connect platform launches, expected the summer of 2018. If they are Utility tokens (see below), they will unlock via a smart contract at 1/6th of the purchased MATE tokens per month for 6 months following vesting. However, if the SEC considers them a security the lock up will be one year when all tokens will be unlocked at that time. Team members and founders will have a 3 year, even vesting schedule.
What is the process to invest using ComplyAPI by Coinlist?
It is a multi-step process:

  1. Register at ComplyAPI by Coinlist.
  2. Submit under the KYC/AML process for identity verification.
  3. Submit information required for investor accreditation.
    • U.S. required
    • International may be required, contact us if having issues.
  4. Upon verification per above, a SAFT will be delivered as a DocuSign document for review and signature.
  5. Upon signature of SAFT, fund using the provided wallet or wire information.

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