Augmate Connect, IoT and our MATE™ token

“In the next 20 years, we will see one trillion Internet of Things devices”

—Masayoshi Son, CEO of Softbank

We believe that a distributed ledger technology is the future of connected device security and interoperability. Augmate was the first wearable device management platform and we are now the first in IoT device management using distributed ledgers. We are launching the MATE™ token (Machine Access Token Exchange) to create a platform where all can participate in the rise of a global ecosystem of devices and human connectivity, beginning with enterprise but quickly moving to the consumer space.



Slide Deck

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Augmate Connect launch video

Digesting a whitepaper and slide deck can be daunting. This video will give you an overview of what we are doing with Augmate Connect to extend our platform using Distributed Ledger technology to all of IoT.

High Level Implementation Roadmap


  • IoT Expansion Task Force
  • IOTA Connection
  • Whitepaper
  • Pilot-in-a-Box
  • Conferences & Marketing


  • Augmate Connect Platform Rollout
  • EOS and Ethereum POC
  • Asia Expansion
  • Expanded Alliance Partnerships
  • Pilots Moved into Production
  • API Strategy Begun


  • Enterprise Strategy in Full Swing
  • Consumer Strategy Completed
  • Consumer Roll Out

2020 +

  • Market Integration with API Strategy Realized
  • Consumer Strategy in Full Swing

IOTA Proof of Concept Video

This shows our platform integrated with the IOTA protocol for interaction exchanges.

Token Creation

During the Creation Period, a total of 50 billion MATEs (maximum launch quantity) are planned to be created by the Smart Contract System.

Future Funding Use


Build-up of engineering teams in San Francisco, Ukraine and Asia


Focused specifically for target industries including healthcare with the goal of creating interoperability systems off the IOTA Tangle


Accelerate global marketing and sales push, support positioning, awareness and penetration of target accounts


Organization structure and management. Ensure culture is pacing with growth. Attend to financial governance and overall business needs.

Contingency and Flex

Set aside for ensuring there is funding for opportunistic and strategic needs.

IOTA and Augmate - A Beginning

The integration strategy between Augmate and IOTA rests on the fact that they are both platforms that support an IoT ecosystem without themselves being IoT endpoint application software.

Augmate is at the core, an agnostic platform when it comes to device and application integration. As such, we will continue to work on interoperability with all systems, old and new. Included in our R&D Roadmap is EOS and new Ethereum technology that has high interaction speed and low cost for those interactions.

*Augmate is using ComplyAPI by CoinList to verify accredited investor status and to conduct KYC/AML checks