Wearable and IoT Device Management

Wearable and IoT Device Management


IoT Device Management / Multi-Chain DLT Bridge

Connecting Humans with IoT

We’re here to push the ecosystem forward. Our technology removes the traditional barriers of interoperability, time, and adaptability. In doing so, we’re poised to help shape a “Fourth Industrial Revolution” by bridging the gap between inflexible business information systems, wearables and all of IoT through true modularity to streamline supply chain and production processes in an unprecedented way.


  • Augmate founded
  • Google Glass Partner

    Pilot program with Toyota

  • First pilot with UPS

    US Patent for Wearable Device Management & Analytics

  • Wearable Environment Manager launches

  • Second pilot with UPS

    Gartner “Cool Vendor” Award

    IoT Expansion Task Force

    IOTA connection

    IOTA proof of concept

    MATE token sale launched

  • Augmate Connect product strategy

    Augmate Medical Device Lab opened in Middletown, NY

    Blockchain Center of Excellence opened in Monterrey, Mexico

    MATE token event completed (June)

    Augmate Connect - Proof of Concept

    Augmate Connect - MVP with open API

    Expansion of blockchain protocol integrations

    Enterprise pilots moved into production

  • Enterprise expansion

    Consumer Gateway integration

    Consumer roll out

  • Consumer market integration with API strategy realized

    Augmate protocol

2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in Enterprise Wearable and Immersive Technologies